Diagnostic Services

diagnostic services

Diagnostic Services


In Addition to Chiropractic care, we offer a variety of diagnostic services through our clinic. Discuss with our doctors which of these services will augment your health care and assist you on the road to wellness.

    • Symptom Surveys: A computer analysis of nutritional need based on personal scoring of symptoms.
    • Analytical Research Labs (Hair Analysis:) Through a small sample of hair, lab analysis will provide a great synopsis of thyroid function, adrenal function, hormone function, protein use, and exposure to heavy metals.
    • Professional Co-op Laboratory Services: An offsite lab we use for collection and testing of lab work through blood draws to urinalysis. Discuss with your doctor which tests may benefit you.
    • Stress Survey: Assessment to discover your body’s response to situation you perceive as stressful and then find a natural stress relief program.
    • Functional Medicine Testing: Variety of different testing through Genova Diagnostics including but not limited to food sensitivity testing, Omega-3 Saturation, organic acid tests (OATS), nutrition, and GI testing.
    • Diagnostic Solutions: An easy at home, do it yourself, GI Map testing that searches for bacterial pathogens, parasitic pathogens, viral pathogens, and other toxins.
    • Toxicity Questionnaire through Standard Process: A questionnaire designed to help decide if liver detoxification may be warranted.
    • We also offer a variety of other testing through The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc., DiagnosTechs, and Cyrex Laboratories!

Additional Testing Services?

    • Thermography: Thermography is a no touch, painless, non invasive, radiation free, imaging screening for breast health and so much more. Contact Linda Honey for more information, (586) 770-4429, [email protected].
    • Know Your Health Now: Your health and wellness is a priority and regular physical exams and preventative screening tests are an important part of taking charge of your health. Test results provide a snapshot of your current health and reveal opportunities to make healthy changes. High blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke. Combined these represent the most common causes of death in the United States. When high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and high cholesterol are detected in time, in many instances they can be initially treated with lifestyle changes. Keeping these risk factors and your body weight in check, staying away from tobacco and being active, are the most important steps to prevent heart disease and stroke. Contact the office to see when Know Your Health Now will be back in the office!

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