Popular Procedures

Supplement Delivery

Have your supplements delivered right to your door! We offer three different sources of having your supplements delivered.

$ 35

/ hour

Kid’s Corner

Kids need chiropractic too! Studies have shown that nearly 85% of all subluxations occur at the time of birth due to the normal birthing process. While some of these subluxations are healed by nature itself, many are not.

$ 45

/ hour

Chiropractic Care

Care that focuses on restoring the proper motions of your spine and joints, while maintaining the health of your muscles and nerves through adjustments.

$ 35

/ hour

Natural Pain Relief

Chiropractic care in conjunction with supplementation and/or energy work in order for the body to be able to naturally heal itself without the use of unnecessary prescription drugs.


/ hour

Massage Therapy

We currently offer Therapeutic Massage and Hot Stone Massage. Check back soon for more updates!

/ hour

Nutritional Consulting

Our doctors use the Nutritional Muscle Testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology, to help determine an underlying cause of poor health, poor nutrition, and toxins in the body. Muscle testing may also be used to learn the body’s compatibility with specific foods, nutrients, etc. Along with many years of schooling and experience, this is a helpful tool for our doctors to help you achieve wellness through chiropractic and nutrition.


/ hour

Diagnostic Services

In Addition to Chiropractic care, we offer a variety of diagnostic services through our clinic. Discuss with our doctors which of these services will augment your health care and assist you on the road to wellness.

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