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 **Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we will be fluctuating our hours. We highly recommend calling or checking our Facebook page for updates!**

We are offering curb-side pickup and shipping for supplements as well as phone consults for patients that want to speak to their treating doctor without coming in.

Check out our Articles section under Resources to learn more about the Coronavirus and prevention!


It's Woodstock Week!

Join us from August 17th through the 22nd to celebrate Dr. Potter's favorite time of the year. Come check out the groovy staff and far out memorabilia to celebrate the anniversary of the 3 days of peace, love, music, and of course the cultural touchstone of Woodstock.


Workshops are BACK!!!

Check out the Calendar to see when our next workshop is.  As a reminder, our workshops are free to our patients and their guests.  Give us a call to sign up!


July Auto Insurance Changes!

When changing your auto insurance policy make sure you check with your health insurance to you carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  If you do not and opt out of pop, you could be stuck paying out of pocket for all medical expenses related to your auto accident.  Fun fact, most health insurances do not carry any PIP coverage!


Click the Calendar of Events for this and more information on all our upcoming workshops and classes!



Keeping Current

    Our goal is to have the latest information to help you with your health concerns.  The doctors love to share what they learned so be sure to ask them about it!


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