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We are offering curb-side pickup and shipping for supplements as well as phone consults for patients that want to speak to their treating doctor without coming in.

Check out our Articles section under Resources to learn more about the Coronavirus and prevention!


It's Been a Wonderful 31 Years!
Before we say it…NO, Dr. Potter is not retiring! However, he has sold the practice.  As of January 1st, 2021, the new owner of Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic is our very own Dr. D! Make sure to congratulate her next time you’re in.
Detox with the Doc!
Recently, both Dr. D and Dr. Gregory completed the
Core Restore 7 Day Detox by Ortho Molecular Products.
Click on the videos below to see how it went!
Wellness Care for the Entire Family at Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic - 734.455.6767 - 139674507_1542744925925895_2995803397675562603_o
Wellness Care for the Entire Family at Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic - 734.455.6767 - 140065897_1542744329259288_6802744167351307226_o


Update: Massage Therapy

We bid a fond farewell to our lovely massage therapist Maura, we wish her good luck and success! With that being said we are temporarily not offering massage therapy within the office. We will update you as soon as possible! 


Want to Stay In but Still Stay
Want to stay in, stay healthy, and keep your buy 5 get 5%/buy 10 get 10% discount? Order your supplements from us and ask for them to be shipped! Also, you can now order supplements through Fullscript or Wellevate. Go to the Supplement Delivery section for more info!

Click the Calendar of Events for this and more information on all our upcoming workshops and classes!



Keeping Current

    Our goal is to have the latest information to help you with your health concerns.  The doctors love to share what they learned so be sure to ask them about it!


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