Dr. “K” Kinan Abdulbaki


Dr. “K” Kinan Abdulbaki

D.C., N.D

Since a young age, Dr. K has had a curiosity for the inner workings of the human body, the root cause of health conditions, and search for the cure. Dr. K has a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University, and has five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. K graduated from National University of Health Sciences with Doctorates in both Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic Medicine. Dr. K’s education and training focused on nutrition, botanicals, nutraceuticals, and chiropractic/physical medicine to individually and holistically address health conditions. Dr. K strives to keep on learning and further his skills to better educate and help the people around him, with the goal of achieving optimal wellness and better quality of life. His other interests include playing basketball, auto racing, and most importantly, family time.



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