To say I have always had positive experience with Chiropractic medicine would be a lie. Many years ago I had a very bad experience that left me never wanting to go again. However, all that changed last spring when my daughter asked me to attend an open house at Dr. Potter’s office. I was reluctant and told her I was not going to become a patient but I would go with her to see what the office was all about. She had been going to him for several months as well as some our friends and they had nothing but positive comments about his care as well as the friendliness of the office staff.

I was greeted warmly and when Dr. Potter introduced himself and talked to me for some time my attitude slowly began to change. I had been suffering with low back pain as well as other joint issues for many years. I also suffered from very frequent headaches. I had other issues that I briefly mentioned and it was then that he asked me if I would trust him and see if he could help me. I decided I had felt bad long enough and was willing to try anything that would help me to feel good.
"I no longer take regular doses
of pain killers (Ibuprofen).
That in itself is a miracle."
I made an appointment for the following week. When I went in for my first appointment I was nervous, to say the least, but I was met by smiling faces and constant reassurances that I would be well taken care of. Well, that was the beginning for me because on that very first day I left the office feeling like I had not in a very long time. Dr. Potter assured me that if I would follow his direction I would never have to feel bad again. Now I am not telling you that I don’t need to be readjusted or that from time to time I don’t feel uncomfortable, but I do know that all I have to do is make an appointment and I get back to that wonderful feeling of being centered and pain free. I no longer take regular doses of pain killers (Ibuprofen). That in itself is a miracle. I am so glad that I was willing to go the natural health approach. The office offers so many neat opportunities for you to learn how to care for your health needs without conventional medication, but at the same time I am confident that if Dr. Potter thought I needed to see a medical doctor he would tell me that. How can you go wrong with that?
I highly recommend Canton Center Chiropractic Clinic. They have been nothing but positive in my life. 
Diane Kauffman
In July of 2009, an emergency doctor diagnosed me as having sciatica brought on by heavy lifting during landscaping.  Since my wife was already seeing Dr. Potter regularly and she was experiencing excellent results, I didn’t suffer very long (about a week) with sciatica before I decided to visit Dr. Potter.  I definitely knew that I didn’t want to see an M.D. because he would only prescribe strong anti-inflammatory medications with awful side effects.  Furthermore, those medications would only mask the problem rather than treat the root cause.  I was confident that Dr. Potter would fix the root cause of the problem. 
"He encourages the patient to take an active role in his
health decisions with excellent results."
After a few visits to Dr. Potter, the sciatica was under control.  Dr. Potter is genuinely interested in making his patients better, often providing them with exercises and health tips.  He encourages the patient to take an active role in his health decisions with excellent result
I’ve been impressed by Dr. Potter’s listening, diagnosing and explanatory abilities.  It seems he always has time to pay special attention to details.  He is able to make very rapid and accurate diagnoses and he is very good explaining his recommendations and instructions.
I’ve recommended Dr. Potter to all my colleagues at work, friends, at church and family! 
Since seeing Dr. Potter, my asthma has gone away and I haven’t had to take asthma medications for 10 months!  I feel that since meeting Dr. Potter, I’m in the best health of my life.  Although Dr. Potter is very good at making sick people better, he’s even better at ensuring his patients remain healthy.  It’s this philosophy of staying healthy that keeps me coming again and again!
Raul Selgado

I am so happy that my daughter, Rebecca found your clinic so that eventually I have wound up there too.  I must share with you that both my husband and I were very impressed with the clinic.  Everyone there makes us feel as though we are family and we can feel the positive vibes and the love that is there.  Thank you to all of you.
I am starting to see some progress with this horrendous rash/burn.  Somedays I feel a little toxic but then I sponged off the raw areas with tepid water with a bit of epsom salts and it seemed to draw out the coating of plastic that was in my skin.  The water became white and sticky after I wiped my skin down and then my skin felt much cooler to touch.  It is ongoing I know but at least since I started working with Dr. Potter and Dr. Acton, I now see some progress.
God Bless you all.
Kathleen Pruneau-Hill

As you know, I recently completed the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the Cure event this past August.  It is with my most heartfelt appreciation that I take this moment to Thank you for your care during this very special journey!
 I could not have accomplished my physical goal of walking 60 miles in 3 Days, if it had not been for your chiropractic care and nutritional consults.  You have been a gift not only to me, but, to my daughter for over 9 years and we could not be more grateful for your care.  (At age 17, Ashley has been medicine free over half her life!) I would also like to extend a special Thank You to your amazing staff for their kindness, compassion and professionalism at each and every visit!  They are the best! Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to natural health and to your patients! 

Warmest regards,
Dawn Kapp Knowles
On Sunday March 11, 2012 my son woke up complaining that his neck hurt.  I was very concerned due to the fact that it had been bothering him earlier in the week but it had gone away by that evening.  Now my son does not complain very much so I took him to urgent care right away.  I was thinking it was either a virus or meningitis.  So when the urgent care doctor was asking what happened, my son said that he woke up with a stiff neck and then he cracked it and that was when the pain started.  Little did I know he had only told me that his neck hurt.  The urgent care doctor kept talking about his spine and I wanted him checked to see if there was any drainage for signs of a virus, because he was more tired than usual, a slight cough and stuffy nose plus my nephew was just diagnosed with tonsillitis and I know that sometimes that your neck will hurt with a virus.  So they did some x-rays and did not see anything, sent us home and said to take Advil and to try either a warm or cold compress.  A few hours had passed and the urgent care facility callled and said to take him to emergency pediatrics because the radiologist read the x-rays and said there might be some slipped disc and would like for the pediatric doctor to take a look and see if an MRI needed to be done to get a better look.  The pediatric doctor was unsure so we ended up having the MRI done.  The pediatric doctor was not able to get a report from the radiologist and on two different occasions was talking about setting up an appointment at U of M for my son to see a neurologist.  All I was hearing was her talking about his spine and all I could keep thinking was who knows a spine better than a chiropractor, So I declined setting up the appointment with the neurologist.  I looked at her and said that I would just take my son to my chiropractor and she said "oh good".  I looked at my son and told him to never crack his own neck again!!  So I took the results to Dr. Potter, knowing that he takes very good care of me, he looked them over and said that the bulge could have been there since he was born.  Looked at my son adjusted him and he was feeling better right away.  Lesson Learned!
Thank you Dr. Potter
Tracey W. 

When Josh entered third grade he was struggling to stay focused, sit still etc.  Well the natural thing to do was put him on Ritalin or a derivative thereof.  Teacher recommended, Dr. prescribed.  There, now he sits in his seat.  Grades did not improve, Josh was just Blah....Nine years later, five minutes with Dr. Potter and the diagnosis is, "liquid milk"  Get Josh off liquid milk and on a multi vitamin.  Five months later, Josh has grown 4 1/2 inches in height, gained 18 lbs., (which was desperately needed on his 5'10" 112 pound frame) and the fist report card "drug free" has arrived.
All B's (huge improvement)
Comments from all teachers such as "stays on task" "very attentive" "joy to have in class" and so on.
Turns out this was not a Ritalin deficiency after all!!!
Thank you Dr. Robert Potter for improving our lives tremendously.  We are forever believers in your practice.
Colleen Horning


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