Top 5 Herbal Formulas for Health and Wellness

Why do the Chinese have a reputation for living long, healthy lives? A long history of using Chinese herbs may play a role. Here are five of the most popular herbal formulas and how they help promote health and wellness in the body.
A Basic Formula (Gui Zhi Tang)
This was one of the first formulas used to fight off signs of the common cold. It works by pushing pathogens out of the body, primarily through sweating.
Digestive Aid (Ping Wei San)
This formula works to tonify the stomach and improve digestion and elimination. It is often used when there is stomach upset or bloating, and has been used to help relieve fullness in the chest and abdomen.
Liver Support (Xiao Chai Hu Tang)
This formula has been used for lingering colds that persist for more than five days with alternating fever and chills. Over the long term, it also has helped improve liver enzymes and general fatigue from chronic illness.
Energy Support (Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang)
This formula helps strengthen weakened and debilitated patients and has been used with various types of prolapses, frequent urination, bleeding problems like anemia, and generalized weakness.
PMS and Mental Support (Xiao Yao San)
This formula, one of the most popular Chinese formulas used in America, focuses on supporting the mind/body balance. It soothes the mind and promotes blood movement, which also helps relieve pain and cramping.
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No Deaths from Vitamins. Absolutely None.
Safety Confirmed by America's Largest Database There were no deaths whatsoever from vitamins in the year 2014. The 32th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins. And, there were no deaths whatsoever from vitamin A, niacin, vitamin B-6, any other B-vitamin. There were no deaths from vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, or from any vitamin at all.
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