Coronavirus vs. Viruses in General

Coronavirus vs. Viruses in General

The Coronavirus is a VIRUS. As a virus it is fought by the body via your immune system. There are things that can be done to boost your immune system and common-sense protection that I will outline for you in a few paragraphs.

First let's talk about a virus. Let me use pizza as an example. Pizza is dough, cheese, and sauce. If you put sausage on it you have a sausage PIZZA. If you put pepperoni on it, you have a pepperoni PIZZA. My point is it is still PIZZA.

The same with a virus. If you call it Chicken Pox, it is the Chicken Pox VIRUS. If you call it the Flu, it is the Flu virus; if you call it the Coronavirus it is still a virus. My point is that the body will handle the virus no matter what name you call it by in the same way...your immune system.

Now let me be clear. People die from the Chicken Pox Virus, the Flu Virus, and the Corona Virus; here is the thing those people are typically immuno-suppressed or in poor health to begin with. This is why the probability of the great majority of you reading this now will be fine if you contract any virus. Don't get me wrong. If you contract any virus you will not be happy, you will be sick, but IT WILL PASS.

Common Sense Things to Do Now to Prevent Getting Sick

1. Stay away from known sick people

2. Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough


4. Stop fueling your body with crap that taxes your immune system-white sugar, white flour, salt, additives, drugs, alcohol

5. Practice stress reduction like meditation-stress taxes the immune system

6. DRINK WATER so your urine is like pale white wine and you are peeing like a racehorse

7. See a Chiropractor and make sure there is no nerve interference especially at the T8-T10 levels (Neurological innervation to the spleen which is your immune system)

8. Exercise

9. If you are immuno-suppressed personally, I would not recommend being around a lot of people unless you had to

10. Know and understand this epidemic will pass and the great majority will not be impacted.

11. Check with your health care professional before using any supplements. Echinacea, Goldenseal, Elderberry, Turmeric, and protease are a few supplements and enzymes that help boost and strengthen the immune system 

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