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Announcing our Newest Member to the Massage Therapy and Energy Worker Team

Welcome aboard to Maura Gregory, LMT.  and certified Personal Trainer.  Maura is a graduate of Ann Arbor Institute of Massage completed a post-graduation externship at the University of Michigan Athletic department.  Maura believes everyone is an athlete in their own way and massage can help you perform your best.

Winter Classes Begin!  Note the changes on Days and Times

NIA Classes Start on Thursday, Jan. 5th from 7-8p.m.

Yoga Classes Start Wednesday, Jan. 11th from 7-8 p.m.

Tai Chi Classes Start Thursday, Jan 5th,  2-3 pm


Keeping Current

In April, Dr. Gregory attended the GRIP Approach workshop. GRIP stands for Global Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention. The workshop focused on new approaches to injury prevention and physical rehabilitation by utilizing the body's locomotive reflexes to retrain the brain for better movement.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Dr. Brady for receiving her certification in Webster Technique. Webster Technique is a sacral analysis and chiropractic technique that can be used with pregnant patients to restore function to the pelvis which may lead to decreased low back pain and aid in making the delivery more comfortable for mom and baby. Visit this link to learn more:http://www.icpa4kids.com

In November, Dr. Danielle Potter attended a workshop on digestive health.  She learned some new concepts on treating the GI tract.  Learned new strategies for healing the gut.  For more information call and schedule a consult.





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